Leigh on Sea Musical Festival is a Performance-based Arts event. Its objective is to advance education in the Arts of Music and Drama by defining focused criteria that provide equal opportunities for all entrants to demonstrate their current capabilities.

A professional “Adjudicator” will assess each Performance, and suggest possible improvements that might increase enjoyment of the Arts experience.

A “Performance” is an effort of communication, when a performer seeks to use an Art form to convey one or many emotions to an audience.

The emotions involved may include:

  • I really enjoy this
  • I want to make you laugh
  • I want to make you cry
  • I want you to feel what this makes me feel
  • And many others


A performer creates a “Performance” by displaying the following inputs:

  • ‘Intention’: which refers to the performer’s ‘will to express and communicate’.
  • ‘Ability’ : which reflects the performer’s skill or technique
  • ‘Necessity’: which refers to ‘the relation to the audience, to the surroundings, and  to the society in which the work of art is performed’

[Source: J Langsted, K Hannah and C R Larsen, 2003, Ønskekvist-modellen. Kunstnerisk kvalitet i performativ kunst (The IAN-Model: ArtisticQuality in the Performing Arts), Aarhus]


The result of each “Performance” comes from the mixture of the following qualities that is experienced by everyone present – performer(s), audience and adjudicator:

  • Engagement & Concentration
  • Learning & Challenge
  • Energy & Tension
  • Shared Experience & Atmosphere
  • Personal Resonance & Emotional Connection

[Source: Audience Experience Framework – New Economics Foundation 2008]


The Adjudicator’s task is to assess the impact of the combination of these qualities that is offered at the point of each specific Performance.  Another combination offered at a different time will give a different impact, and a different assessment.

Additionally, Adjudicators are asked to consider the following specific qualities:

  1. Understanding of the elements of the art form (music, speech)
  2. Appreciation of the style and repertoire
  3. Skills and techniques when manipulating voice, instrument and materials
  4. Skills in interpreting and communicating the creator’s and performer’s emotional intention
  5. Interaction with the audience and command of the venue environment


The Adjudicator’s assessment is final.