The Adjudicator’s word is final.

DRAMA – Entrants must have the ability to perform within the allotted time.  There will be a points penalty for over-runs.

The Adjudicator will present awards/certificates to class winners at the end of the class and certificates to all other candidates if time permits, otherwise certificates will be given out by a Festival staff member in the foyer.

Certificates will be awarded to candidates gaining the following marks:

DISTINCTION          90 marks and over

HONOURS                 85 – 89 marks

MERIT                        80 – 84 marks

CERTIFICATE           79 marks and under


Classes age 15 years & under and all novice classes, including adults, will receive:

Gold and silver medals, awarded to the winner and second place competitors (marks over 80).

Bronze medal will be awarded at the discretion of the adjudicator.

Classes age 16 years & over and adult classes will receive:

Gold medal awarded to the winner gaining 85 marks or more

Silver medal awarded if the second placed candidate gains 85 marks or more

Bronze medal awarded in high scoring classes and/or at the discretion of the adjudicator

Group classes will not generally be given a medal for each performer but for younger groups 6 medals may be given with the option to purchase more at a discount.

Cups & Trophies

These will be presented at the end of the class by the Adjudicator.  

Cups and trophies are the property of the Festival.  Holders of these awards are responsible for any damage occurring whilst in their possession and for the return of the trophies to the Trophies Secretary, Billie Thornton, when requested.

Uncollected certificates and awards will be retained.  A cheque for £5.00 is required to cover postage if you require your trophy to be sent by post.  For certificates only please send an A4 self-addressed envelope to the Entries Secretary, Jenny Woodford or contact her on 07968 770536 to arrange collection.