Conditions of Entry

  1.  Competitors, parents and teachers should make sure they have read and understood the conditions of entry into the Festival. Failure to do so could result in disappointment. Competitions are open to amateurs only, except where stated, (i.e. “open”) irrespective of place of residence. Previous winners are eligible to enter. Competitors under 16 must be chaperoned by parents or guardians whilst at the Festival.
  2.  It must be understood by parents that during classes where competitors under 16 need to leave the hall, i.e. for sight reading or improvisations (drama section), they will be escorted by two members of Festival staff.

      3. “Own choice” pieces : ( a) MUST be identified with the entry, and, (b) copies should be provided for adjudicators and       handed to the adjudicator’s clerk at the time of performance. A photocopy of music is acceptable, on the understanding that it will be retained by the Festival and destroyed after the performance. Otherwise photocopying (or copying by any other method) of copyright music is illegal, unless permission has been obtained from the copyright owner or consent given by the publisher, if the music is unobtainable.

4. Set Pieces – if any competitor has difficulty in obtaining ‘set piece’ work, would they please contact the convenor of the particular discipline, who will be pleased to supply the necessary information.

5. No simplified works by classical composers will be accepted.

6. In the Drama section of the Festival, scripts for drama entries will not be permitted on stage during competition. Entrants must be able to perform in the allotted time.

7. In the singing section of the Festival, pieces should be sung from memory (apart from the Senior Citizens over 60 class). If entrants sing from music during the competition they will receive an adjudication sheet but will not be marked or placed in the competition. All entry forms MUST include your programme.

8. The Committee has the right to deem entries invalid if they think fit. Should this happen it will result in the competitor being adjudicated and marked, but not placed. The Committee reserves the right to withdraw or to amalgamate classes if necessary.

9. Competitors are reminded that the venue for the festival belongs to a religious institution and therefore the content of entries, to the drama and singing sections in particular, should be appropriate. The committee reserves the right to refuse entries which they believe might contravene this condition.

10. Adjudicators’ decisions are final and entries are only accepted on this understanding.

11. Competitors, who have been pupils of an adjudicator within the last six months, may enter these classes – they will be adjudicated, marked but not placed.

12. Ages of competitors, where applicable, shall be given as at 1st May, 2020 it being understood that the age stated is the last complete year since birth. Parents or guardians must sign the entry form to verify age. Senior/adult section candidates must be over 18, unless otherwise stated.

13. Official accompanists must be named on the Entry form and contacted by telephone four to six weeks prior to the Festival and the music sent to them for preparation. The accompanists may refuse to participate if this is not done. Payment to the accompanist is a private arrangement.

14. Time limits are allocated to each performance in some classes so that the Festival can be organised to run on time. A breach of the time limit may incur a penalty. The Festival organisers have the ultimate right to stop a performance if they think fit. It is very important that competitors strictly adhere to the time limits. Introductions to songs should be included in the time limit.

15. Show songs or songs from films may only be sung in show song classes where stated.  This does not apply to choirs.

16. Competitors may only play/sing a piece of music once per adjudicator.

17. A competitor may be entered only once in a class for small group, for example, only one entry in classes for duos, trios, so that competitors are not competing against themselves but competitors may take part in more than one larger ensemble.

18. Entries may be made online via this website or entry forms for festival 2020 (which can be downloaded from this site) accompanied by entry fees should be sent to the Entries Secretary, Mrs Jenny Woodford, 226 Western Road,Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, SS9 2PH . In either case entries must be received before March 31st, 2020. Entry fees will not be refunded under any circumstances other than cancellation of the festival.

19. If competitors are unable to attend their classes at the allocated time they may be able to perform later in the festival, but this will be at the discretion of the adjudicator and the Festival Duty Manager.

20. Official photographs may be taken at the end of classes – if you object to your child being photographed in their groups, please approach a committee member who will withdraw your child from the picture. Failure to inform a committee member of your wishes will be deemed that your permission has been granted for the photograph to proceed.