Leigh on Sea Musical Festival – Registered Charity Number 1032636


Are backing tracks allowed? No

Is there a limit as to how many students can be in a choir? No

How do I pay the fee? Please send cheque, payable to Leigh Music Festival to Mrs. J. Woodford, 226, Western Road, Leigh-on-Sea, SS9 2PH

How will I know when my class is performing? You will receive an advice slip by email approximately 3 weeks in advance, detailing the day and time of your performance

What if I have found a published poem but no author? Put Anon

Does work have to be published in a book or can I find one on the internet? You can choose from wherever you wish

How strict is the time limit? Very – please do not exceed the time limit otherwise marks will be deducted

What are the adjudicators looking for? We never know but will probably include technique, presentation and interpretation. Have a look at ‘performance’ under Programme on the tool bar.

Can I use props? Yes, in moderation

Do students get their marks on the day? Yes

Is there wheelchair access? Yes

If I am at the venue for a while, can I bring my own food? Yes. There are some local cafe’s nearby but they may not be open on a Sunday.

Lost property is usually kept for one month after the festival by Jenny Woodford (07968 770536)